social studio

is a full spectrum design + build firm devoted to creating engaging spaces. Located in California’s Bay Area, but working on projects along the west coast, we have a commitment to clientele that serves to engender relationships lasting beyond project delivery. Since 2017, we’ve been able to treat every project as a chance to design something new. Programmatic and personal requirements are considered opportunities to further our design language in a way that is unique to each client.

Specializing in bespoke details that carry the spirit of the project down to the quarter inch has produced results that feel modern, but exude a timeless nature. Warmth, texture, and innovation reign supreme. We don’t distinguish between architecture, interiors, furniture or fixtures. All levels of design require equal attention in order to create a comprehensive project.

Working with social studio is an iterative, collaborative process. As architects, we pass your ideas and inspiration through our filter to create spaces that excite and inspire. Listening and interpreting are our priorities, designing is the byproduct. In order to best realize projects, we’ve taken to managing their construction as well. We got tired of seeing clients fleeced by exorbitantly priced contractors with little design sense, and so took to compiling a team of talented and efficient sub-contractors who bridge the gap of quality and price. Our small team has the capability to be both the left and right brain of the process, enabling us to better execute on original concepts.

Erik Kramer - Founder
Concerned with designing spaces that distance themselves from the status quo, Erik is an experimentalist, adventurist, and student of human interaction with the built environment. His intent is to infuse the environments in which we live, work, and play with a capacity to enhance our experiences, whether routine or extraordinary. Having been trained in the mountains, but honed in the city, Erik has a unique take on merging the built world with the natural world and constantly evolving that understanding.

Alejandro Alonso - Designer
Alejandro is an architect trained at the Technical School of Architecture, Madrid. He is a young designer with a passion for the aesthetic and the obscure. He has pursued a unique path to educate himself on data visualization, technology, graphic design, and their integration with architecture. His ultimate goal is to create designs that convey purpose, and exhibit a sense of place.

Jill Shadek - Interiors
A San Diego native, Jill's personal style can be described as California Eclectic, as she loves to put an edgy spin on clean, modern design. She likes to take note of every detail in a home from the books that fill the shelves, to the art hanging on the walls, to a family's favorite photographs -- all the while believing that a well-decorated home always tells a story. She has an ability to collaborate with her clients to create an aesthetic that is fitting for each individual home.